The Integrated Platform Your Team Needs to Transform Your Business and Workplace

Appzouk’s digital workplace platform lets you build a full range of customized applications fast and right to cater to the requirements of your enterprise.


Resource Management

Everything you need to focus and manage your employees and assets in one platform by giving you increased visibility, control and efficiency while allowing you to make well informed decisions.


Create a high-performing workforce by tracking time and attendance, scheduling tasks, marking leaves, and measuring productivity of your employees. With Appzouk’s digital workplace solutions, you can cut down labour costs, minimize compliance risks, engage your employees, and deliver better business results.

  • Employee Profiling & Onboarding

    Create a comprehensive profile and assess your to-be employees to hire the right manpower followed by a smooth onboarding process to connect with your new employees effectively.

  • Employee Training

    Have an edge over your competitors by providing modern training methods like e-learning and e-testing to your employees.

  • Employee Schedule

    Track and monitor employee schedules on the go with a real-time employee calendar backed by e-leave and e-attendance.

  • Employee Payroll Management

    Handle employee finances based on MoM and CPF regulations and automate accurate payroll calculation to save time effortlessly.


An easier, more intuitive digital workplace software to manage your multi-channel inventory & shipping from one place. With a custom-built platform, Appzouk helps you maximize your warehouse efficiency by easily tracking your inventory, knowing which item sells fast, which items expire soon, so you can invest on right inventory & increase profitability.

  • Procurement

    Strategically track and optimize organizational expenditure that involves acquiring goods and services, budget management and monitoring deadlines.

  • Stock Management

    Understand and manage the stock mix of your organization. From raw materials to products, monitor and track the count, identify the best performing, and get notified about the stock level status.

  • Material Request Management

    Monitor, track and procure request materials to facilitate the project requirements. Record each stage of the process to move the production seamlessly.


Simplify processes like developing, operating, maintaining and even disposing of assets backed by an integrated platform. Keep track of all your assets throughout their entire life cycle in the most systematic way possible, so that you gain a better visibility and accurate asset information - keeping your business more efficient and profitable.

  • Asset profiling

    Collect, organize and categorize asset information. Set a default value based on the standard depreciation criteria as per the asset type and its associated asset books.

  • Asset Tracking

    Track your physical assets in real-time. Simplify and facilitate the process via a centralized platform to scan barcodes or tags to know the status of the assets.

  • Asset maintenance

    Commence and automate a continuous process of maintenance to protect and better the longevity, dependability and availability of assets.


Process Management

Build and manage the workflow effectively for an optimized business process. Fill the gaps caused by mismanagement of assets, visitors, and worksite resources with the help of a robust digital workplace software. Appzouk was designed keeping in mind to boost productivity and raise the bar for process management.


Design and manage end-to-end workflows, and automate repeatable business tasks more efficiently providing better visibility, productivity and agility into each step. Plus, it helps you reduce paperworks, save time and cost, and improve compliance.

  • Project-specific SLA configuration

    Set up the configuration, define and automate workflow specific to a particular project of your organization.

  • Team OKR

    Set measurable goals, collaborate tasks easily, track progress and promote engagement to achieve challenging organizational targets.

  • Automation Rule Management

    Configure automation rules and manage them to effectively trigger various business processes based on the criteria preferred by you.


Leverage an integrated platform to align your team's work, time management, and projects in the easiest way. Make sure your team members are working together towards the business outcomes more efficiently by delegating tasks, scheduling teamwork, assigning priorities, and setting deadlines. With Appzouk, you can even make complex projects simple while increasing your team's productivity.

  • Task Management

    Create a to-do list, collaborate, and prioritize tasks by easy management. Stay on course with your team from beginning to end.

  • Quality Management

    Oversee all activities and tasks, create and implement quality planning and assurance, along with monitoring quality control and improvement.

  • Incident Management

    Identify, manage, record and analyze real-time incidents and free your business operations from unexpected and threatening accidents.


Employ a concrete and coherent digital workplace platform that promotes hassle-free communication with your team members and eliminates every issue that arises from the lack of understanding and inefficient work collaboration.

  • Visitor Management

    Manage visitors efficiently. Increase worksite security, get notified when a visitor shows up and also impress your guest with professional gestures like a welcome message.

  • Web Intercom

    Reach out to your customers and build meaningful relationships with them via the all-in-one tool dedicated for customer communication.

  • eMemo

    Keep things on track by communicating internally with your employees regarding upcoming events or official messages.


Insights Management

Gather actionable insights and analyze trends on the most important aspects of your business ranging from customer requirements to work employee-to-employee collaborations. Utilize an efficiently integrated platform to take better decisions driven by factual data which in turn results in greater business outcomes.


Power of a full-fledged dashboard that provides you real-time insights based on in-depth analytics and business intelligence to help you continuously improve your organization's operational capabilities.

  • Centralized view

    Leverage a centralized and integrated platform where you get a 360-degree view of all your business insights.

  • Real-time

    Proactively collect relevant and up-to-date data and metrics associated with your business activities in real-time.

  • Data Visualization

    Gauge and identify reliant critical data points easily by visualizing in the form of charts, graphs, diagrams and tables, thus helping you understand data in the simplest way possible.

  • Notifications and activity feeds

    Get notified of employee, visitor or client activities and procure a detailed view of the actions in real-time.


Track and monitor all daily activities, incident reports, guard tours, shifts and everything that is critical to your operation in real-time. Receive instant information of many critical factors, so you can curate strategies driven by up-to-minute values.

  • Daily Activity Reports

    Track all the details of the work day of your entire organization’s operations. Get a holistic view by capturing a substantial amount of information on incident reports, maintenance requests and a multitude of other reports.

  • Progress Reports

    Get real-time insights about your ongoing projects and identify the tasks completed, the progress made and areas that need attention.

  • Utilization Reports

    The reports give you a detailed view of the amount of resources utilized for each project and the related metrics, to help facilitate the optimal utilization of resources.


Combine data from multiple sources for deeper insights. Enable users to make informed, data-driven decisions by streamlining and analysing a large volume of data through fast and tailor-made analytics.

  • Scorecards

    Find how far your current organizational performance is from achieving your goals, and modulate performance accordingly.

  • Trend analysis

    Analyze the data trends of your business and its market over a period of time to understand the shift in data, predict future trends and curate critical strategies.

  • KPI visualization

    Capture and constantly analyze KPIs associated with vital business factors and gain valuable snapshots of your organization's performance to know if it meets the standards of the industry.

Platform Highlights

Appzouk covers every feature needed for a smooth running of business processes ranging from resource management to workflow management. Our digital workplace software does not provide solutions focusing on a single area of operation but a comprehensive and integrated platform to address multiple business operations under one roof.



The most important and highly-rated features of Appzouk that will make your operations proactive and boost your business productivity.

  • Appzouk
    Facial Recognition

    Facilitate employee authentication with an agile facial recognition system that helps identify, record and clock-in employee attendance effectively.

  • Appzouk
    Web Intercom

    Provide instant replies, resolve issues almost quickly and gather crucial information from customer and visitors via the robust web intercom

  • Appzouk
    Geofencing to ensure Field Service Compliance

    Verify the visits made by employees, clients or visitors into a virtual boundary of a selected location via geofencing that is compliant to field service.

  • Appzouk
    Integrated Web and Mobile Apps

    Increase productivity and eliminate all manual ways of integrating operations and workflows. Use integrated web and mobile applications to promote hassle-free real-time communication and increased mobility.

  • Appzouk
    Integrate Appzouk to existing systems

    Employ secure APIs to help you integrate the existing enterprise systems to our digital workplace app.

  • Appzouk
    Modular approach

    Follow a modular approach to extensively address every operational process of the workflow to improve scalability.

  • Appzouk
    Foster agility

    Measure and monitor the process driven data regularly to promote a continuous yet nimble improvement.

System Capabilities

The functionalities of the workplace software application that ensures flexibility to help you go the extra mile to improve business processes.

Benefits to Enterprises

Make the most out of Appzouk’s digital workplace software by diligently employing its features to your business operations.

  • Appzouk
    Better team productivity

    Empower your team with bespoke web, mobile and tab applications that automate redundant work cycles, recognize trends and help you build an excellent space for unified collaboration, thus bringing in improved productivity.

  • Appzouk
    Robust authentication features

    Eliminate all chances of fraud and increase security by authenticating users and employees powered by an agile facial recognition and geo fencing system that abides by all necessary compliances. You don't have to invest time to verify visitors or check if every action is compliant to the crucial rules.

  • Appzouk
    Flawless collaboration and automation

    Collaborate efficiently with your team or clients and automate operations with the help of the real-time communication system of Appzouk. The instant to and fro communication leaves no room for confusion which results in highly effective work collaboration.

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