How We Built a Compliance Management System to Improve Environment, Health, and Safety in the Construction Site


Safety Network Global Pte Ltd ensure workplace safety by automating the entire safety management process so that you can focus more on actual safety measures. Remember, a near miss today can become fatal tomorrow.

Safety Network Global Pte Ltd was establish in 2011 and incorporated in 2013. Thru out the organization (client) experience, we encounter difficulties in company managing their safety management system in current protocol. Safety Network Global Pte Ltd came up with a vast solution to tackle all this difficulties thru modern technology (IT). It is proudly called I-SAFETY and is applicable thru PC and Mobile application.

Construction Safety

Key Objectives

To seamlessly improve safety in the construction site and productively manage business processes by complying prudently with the standard rules and regulations with the help of a single digital solution. The management system should be able to aid the organization to monitor safety and health performance trends, and achieve higher levels of grades.

The following were the key objectives:

  • Roles & responsibilities.

  • Project safety planning.

  • Contractor safety evaluation.

  • Contract safety specifications.

  • Site communication.

  • Field implementation.

  • Incident management.

  • Safety communication.

  • Process verification.



Safety Network Global, Appzouk's collaborative consulting partner wanted us to design a comprehensive, unified digital solution that could help them proactively facilitate the best practices in construction safety compliance management.


The efficiency of the work processes was greatly affected due to a dated management process that lacked the ability to smoothly comply with the safety standards.

The organization depended mostly on manual procedures. It did not have a digitalized solution that could holistically streamline and coordinate workflow, while simultaneously abiding by the safety and health rules.

As a result, the client had to face quite a lot of challenges.

Firstly, safety compliance management became exhaustive, broken, and expensive. The renewal time of Occupational Standard Safety Certificates could not be tracked. The same was the case for Quality issues and accidents.

The important details of employees like attendance, current task and hospitalization records, etc. weren't managed efficiently which caused a lot of confusion. For instance, if an accident takes place, it would take eons for the company to collect the related records which would eventually be too late and losses will have to be incurred.

Secondly, the communication management process was slow, fragmented, and ineffective. Information could not be passed efficiently and therefore the tasks were not streamlined. The inspection and assessment of tasks in accordance with guidelines were not as efficient as expected.

Thirdly, the conventional procedures brought a delay in getting the approval for certain work. The list of tasks that needed approval wasn’t managed and tracked effectively. Consequentially the workflow would get affected.

Solution: iSafety, a Safety Compliance Management Platform

Using Appzouk, we built iSafety, a fully customized
digital platform that would help the company overcome the numerous challenges.

Appzouk Appzouk


iSafety is a safety compliance management system that has the functionalities to amp up the efficiency of the company in compliance with the safety protocols.

The solution would help Safety Network Global assess hazards and risks and allocate the required resources to do so. It would also measure the safety performance of the company as quickly and accurately as possible.

Here are the key functionalities of iSafety that made the client's digital transformation journey a seamless yet successful process:

  • Analyze the lifecycle of one or more subcontracts.

  • Identify the distinct needs of a project.

  • Qualify and select potential contractors.

  • Identify tools that require repair, servicing, or replacement.

  • Analyze operational viability of equipment.

  • Submit, track, and monitor PTW applications via a centralized system.

  • Reduce paperwork and waiting time..

  • Track approval of PTW applications in real-time.

  • Auto-generation of dashboards and reports.

  • Enhance the detection of potentially incompatible works.

  • Centralized Reporting.

  • Track Follow-ups.

  • Gather Data Insights.

  • Prevent Non-conformance.

  • Prevent Violation.

  • Conduct seamless Tool Box Meetings.

  • Manage Weekly/ Monthly Review Meetings.

  • Supervise EHS Review Meetings.

  • Incident Management.

  • Analyze and detect hazards.

  • Report findings.

  • Implement continual policies for correcting hazards.

  • Conduct employee induction & training that complies with safety standards.

  • Ensure Field Service Compliance with Geofencing.

  • Facilitate employee authentication with facial recognition.

  • Track attendance with real-time data.

  • Design safety inspection checklists.

  • Monitor employee work hours and leaves.

  • Monitor employee performance in real-time.


By adopting our digital solution, iSafety, the company is now able to promote business processes in compliance with the safety and health standards with a 30% boost in efficiency!

Proactive safety management has been an absolute advantage for the organization. As opposed to reactive management, proactive safety management focuses on reducing existing and future risks. As a result, worksite hazards have been controlled, which in turn saves them time and money for dealing with worker compensation claims.

Now, the organization can ensure if the safe work practices are followed to the T with the digital transformation solution, iSafety, in place. Moreover, the client has been able to continue the timely renewal of the Occupational Standards Safety Certification and get bigger projects. A total win-win situation!

Today, the organization needn't overly depend on manual procedures. Therefore, the company has not only avoided the delays and the aftermaths that follow but have saved quite impressively on man-hours, giving a boost to cost-effectiveness.

The progress of each task can be continuously monitored, tracked, and managed, thanks to the robust real-time communication solution. But that's not all. The insights reported by the system has helped the company make informed decisions. All this has resulted in increasing productivity multifold.

Key Benefits

iSafety helped the client leverage digital transformation to the fullest.

  • The organization successfully saves 28 man-hours per day due to streamlined and compliant processes.

  • The saved time has shot up to 60%.

  • The planning of operations got better optimized by 20%.

  • The staff can now procure approval before 8:30 am, i.e well before the day's work starts.

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